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PickleBall Balls – There’s a Difference???

Who knew there are different types of Pickleballs?  I always thought it was just a small yellow wiffle ball!

Pickleballs come in a wide array of colors and styles. There are two main types of pickleballs, outdoor and indoor balls, but even within those two types, you can find balls in a spectrum of colors and with a different number of holes and hole spacing. Depending on where you play pickleball will probably determine which type of pickleballs that you will prefer. You will want to pick a color that stands out in your pickleball court area so that the pickleball is easily visible during gameplay.


Indoor pickleballs are designed to have the best action when they are used on hard surfaces such as wood or concrete. Indoor pickleballs are also usually made with larger holes, compared to outdoor pickleballs, due to the fact that there is not any wind to disrupt the ball in the air when you are playing indoors. Most indoor balls provide the best play and action when used on hard surfaces such as wood or concrete.


Outdoor pickle balls also come in a wide range of colors so that you can maximize visibility based on your court location. Outdoor balls do usually have smaller holes compared to indoor balls, and the reason for the smaller holes is to help combat weather effects, such as wind, from altering the direction or speed or the pickleball during play. You can find a range of different outdoor pickleball hole spacing and hole positions allowing for different ball play.


There is even a new type of Pickleball that is “quiet”.  As more and more of us play pickleball more people are complaining about the noise.  (I guess we’re just having too much fun!)