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Adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle


The adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle is the first of its kind. Donning adjustable weights, this paddle allows players a fully customizable experience on the weight and balance of their paddle. It’s unique construction using a PMI Foam core and an extra rigid, 13mm frame brings out elite power and accuracy with every hit. It has an elongated handle at 5 1/2 inches, perfect for two handed players and greater control. The paddle’s face is layered in C18 Carbon Fiber with the adidas’ Spin Blade MAX grit offering great spin and control.

The Metalbone’s sleek design and edgeless face is sure to turn heads at any time you play.


PICKLEBALL SET: Get started playing with our pickleball racquet set 2 pack that includes 2 outdoor pickleball balls and a mesh carrying bag. Great for beginners to advanced – high grade quality materials designed to handle elite level play.
POWERFUL PADDLES: Durable, solid wood construction ensures that your pickleball equipment is equipped to handle professional-grade force and exertion. Comfortable and contoured handle provides more control, grip and helps to lessen hand fatigue.
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