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Third Shot Drop Custom Pickleball


A GREAT CHOICE FOR PLAYERS LOOKING FOR A PADDLE WITH GOOD BALL CONTROL – A balanced traditional shape paddle with a large wide sweet spot. The honeycomb polymer core has the best power performance but provides soft control for the touch shots that are so important in pickleball.
PLAYERS LIKE THE QUICK ACTION OFF THE GRAPHITE FACE – Polymer Core Pickleball Paddles are the newest core to the pickleball game. Polymer cores are the quietest core on the market due to being slightly less deflective than the other two cores. This also helps players with a little extra control since players have a split-second longer to manipulate the ball. After playing with a polymer core paddle, it will not be tough to determine why the popularity of this core is booming.
POLYMER CORE & GRAPHITE SURFACE – Powerful, durable, and consistent- our Polymer core gives you amazing power across the entire “Sweet Spot” coverage. Plus, our specially developed Graphite surface enhances your performance with the ability to power drives past your opponents as well as dink with them consistently all day long. * GRIP- Third Shot Drop flat grips give every player control of the paddle regardless of how sweaty their hands become.

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